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Select for light-, medium- and heavy truck training.
General Courses provide non-make specific training for fleet and leasing personnel, and are ideal for those working with multiple makes, used vehicles, or a developing product line.
Effective product training courses optimized for:

Knowledge is Power

Gain product knowledge and the power to buy, sell, or spec trucks with confidence. Since 1964 Truck Marketing Institute has been providing technical and product training for the truck industry—those in sales, leasing, engineering and purchasing. Our correspondence courses offer cost effective in-depth training that is self-paced and flexible, with no travel time or expense.


Non-Make Specific Truck Product Training for Buyers, Sellers, Upfitters, and Suppliers Working with Multiple Makes
Our General Courses are designed for buyers, sellers, upfitters, and suppliers working with multiple makes, or anyone who does not have access to factory product data.

TMI courses focus on specing trucks, not selling skills. Our training is used extensively by fleet purchasing, leasing, and finance companies, as well as component suppliers, dealer, and factory sales / engineering personnel. This is essential knowledge whether buying or selling complete vehicles, or components.

We offer distinct standalone courses that focus on light, medium, or heavy-duty truck knowledge.


LT-2: Light Truck Essentials

Course II: Medium-Duty Basics

Course III: Heavy-Duty Models

Course IV: Mid-Range Diesels

To Enroll: Download the TMI Catalog and Application or call 800-447-1251. Click on the blue text links above to get a PDF catalog and application forms that can be filled out on your computer and printed for signing and faxing, or emailing to TMI. Each catalog sheet contains pricing for all of our courses. The cost for each course is also included in the description below.

GET THE eBOOK: The textbooks for LT-2, Course III, and Course IV are available as an enhanced PDF eBook in addition to the printed version. This is a $30 option for these courses. Using Adobe Acrobat reader, students scroll through, read and search the textbook from most any computer while completing the open book tests after each lesson.


LT-2: Light Truck Essentials course was developed around a generic product line providing broad spectrum knowledge for truck fleet decision makers and others working with multiple makes. Topics and examples utilize a TMI-created Shadow line of SUVs, crossovers, pickups, light- and medium-duty chassis-cabs. These TMI Shadows fully represent the current mix of Class 1-5 trucks sold in North America. The product familiarity can transfer to specific makes, while providing knowledge beyond a single brand focus.

Graduates complete five written tests using the 190 page TMI textbook. No access to manufacture's data is required for the General version of this course. The tests are completed after studying each lesson and are then mailed, faxed or emailed to TMI for individual grading by the instructor. The cost per enrollment for Precision Truck Training LT-2 is just $395 per student.

Two Courses Covering

COURSE II Medium Duty Basics Great introduction for those new to trucks, this course focuses on the medium duty models.TMI Course II is basic training for anyone buying, selling or working with multiple makes of Class 3-7 trucks.. The ten tests zero in on product and technical information using the Diesel Truck Index as a reference source.We allow up to a year to finish the course, but it can be completed in as little as three months. This cost effective introduction to medium-duty trucks is $735, including the Diesel Truck Index.

COURSE IV Mid-Range Diesels. Ideal for advanced training, about 50 hours of study time is required for this ten lesson course using our 354 page textbook to provide full coverage of Class 5-6-7 diesels. Graduates complete ten written tests using the TMI textbook and the included Truck Data Digest, which provides specifications for many of the diesel powered mediums sold in the U.S. data. The tuition is $795 per student.


COURSE III Heavy trucks and tractors are the focus of this ten lesson course. Students study and are tested on advanced concepts in sales engineering and specing of Class 8 vehicles. In this General version, students complete ten written tests using the 392 page TMI textbook and the Diesel Truck Index book for product data. This in-depth course typically requires over 70 hours of study time to complete.

Students work through the ten tests for this course and mail, fax, or email them to TMI for grading. Grades and comments are often returned in one business day. The cost for this heavy-duty product training is $865 per enrollment including a copy of the Diesel Truck Index book required for reference.


Business sponsored enrollments are treated as company property. If an active course is not completed for any reason the value of the “unused” lessons can be credited to enroll another employee. To enroll, or if you have questions, call us toll-free at 1-800-447-1251. Now is the time to consider this cost effective product training for your staff.


Truck Fleet Buyers

Government Equipment Buyers

Rental and Leasing Co.

Truck Finance Companies

Franchised Truck Dealers

Used Truck Dealers

Factory Truck Sales & Support

Factory Engineering Staff

Truck Body & Equipment Builders and Dealers

Specialized Apparatus Builders

Commercial and RV Upfitters

Truck Component Suppliers

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Select below for a 36 page PDF sample of the LT-2 Light Truck Essentials Course

Download a 43 page PDF textbook sample for Course IV: Mid-Range Diesels

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