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Distance Education Courses in Truck Selection and Application

Questions and Answers

Are the courses taken online? We can deliver all of the material digitaly for use on a computer or tablet. We provide printed text books and optional Acrobat electronic versions. The tests are hard copy or fill-in PDF versions that can be completed on a computer, tablet or ipad. Our students typically use online sources for product data, while completing the tests, perhaps using the optional PDF for searching through the textbooks and faxing or emailing tests. Our testing is not online or timed, so you do not worry about lossing a connection or timming out !

How are the tests taken? After studying each lesson, the student completes a printed test that is faxed, mailed, or emailed to us for grading. So the courses use a combination of print, mail, PDF ebook, email, fax and telephone for support.

How are the tests graded? Each test is graded by hand, often with comments from your TMI instructor. Test grades are typicaly returned by email, and the graded test is mailed to the student for reference.

Can I download the tests for the course I am enrolled in? Since the courses all use open book tests, we want to control the distribution of the tests. All of our tests are printed and mailed to you, with your name on them.

Ok, I am in a hurry, can I get the tests emailed to me? Yes, with the permission of the instructor. We want to see how you have done on the last test before you get in too deep on the next ones.

What is a passing grade? A test score average of 75 % is a passing grade. If your get less than that you need to retake the test for a maximum possible score of 90%. One more chance after that is given on a Pass/Fail basis—maximum of 75% possible.

Can we work in a Group? If others at your location are working on the course you could create a study group, BUT the exams must be taken individually—"keep your eyes on your own paper". We very often find out who is not doing their own work, and when that happens the test must be retaken on a Pass/Fail basis. A passing grade is 75%.

Do you offer courses in the Welsh labguage? No, TMI courses are only available in English, and a proficiency in English is a prerequisite.

Do you charge more for enrollments from Canada? No we don't. The tuition is the same in US$ as for a student in the USA.

I don't have the product data sources, can you supply this? No, you will need to contact the appropriate factory people for that. If it is not available to you, we do have general courses for medium and heavy applications that make use of the Diesel Truck Index, and we can supply those books. We also offer a light duty "General" course that does not require factory product data.

I ordered a TMI course five days ago, where is it? We ship course materials using the US Postal services Media Mail, and it can take 12 days.

How soon will I know what score I achieved on a test? Often the tests are graded within a business day after they arrive at TMI. If you fax the test in, your instructor will fax, or email back a note with the grade. The graded test, with comments, is mailed back to you — we do not keep a copy on file. We do not fax the graded test.

What if I do not have easy access to a fax machine? We provide postage paid envelopes for US & Canada, or you can scan and email the completed test for grading.

How frequently are courses updated? We use digital printing for all of our books, and as a result we can update as frequently as every six months, depending on how "volatile" the material is. The tests are often updated more frequently than that.

Do you publish your own books? Yes, the textbooks are published, and copyrighted by Truck Marketing Institute.

What size or format are the textbooks? The pages are 5.5 x 8.5 inches, three hole drilled, and come in a binder. This allows us to customize the books or update pages between print runs.

Page counts for the Precision Truck Training textbooks are as follows:

Course I, Light Duty Basics range from 104 to 112 pages depending on the make covered.

Course II, Medium Duty Basics textbook is 310 pages.

Course III, Heavy Duty Trucks and Tractors textbook is 392 pages.

Course IV, Mid Range Diesels textbook is 354 pages. Also included in the binder is our Truck Data Digest which is about 226 pages of Truck Specifications.

LT-2 Light Truck Essentials, the textbook for this course totals about 190 pages.

Can I get a sample of the textbook to get a better idea of the course coverage? Yes. We have Acrobat PDF samples of representative pages for most of the textbooks. You can download and review them from the Book Samples page.

Do you have courses that make use of "eBook" technology? Yes, all of the courses, except course II, have an enhanced Acrobat PDF version of the textbook as a $30 option. This is typically supplied on a Compact Disc, or can be emailed for use on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device.